Salif Keita
Salif Keita is one of the best known names in African music, and La Difference marks his return as an album artist after a gap of 4 years. M’Bemba, his previous release, is now considered a classic of World music an Moffou made it into The Guardian’s top 10 albums of the last decade.

Born an albino, Salif Keita had a clear skin-colour that was an ill omen in the ancestral Mali where he grew into a man. "I'm a black man, my skin is white and I like it, it's my difference / I'm a white man, my blood is black, I love that, it's the difference that's pretty", he sings in La différence, the title-track from his new album. He says it all in this hymn to tolerance, a song in which he expresses his artistic convictions as he has rarely done before.