Garrett vs. Paganini – The New Album – Inspired by the Movie “The Devil’s Violinist”

21st October 2013

There are few other artists of our time who literally mix up musical categories and dodge pigeonholes in such a virtuous manner as David Garrett. There is a reason why his new album accompanying the film “The Devil’s Violinist” by director Bernard Rose is called “Garrett vs. Paganini”. In the film, the star violinist plays the leading role, the legendary devil’s violinist. Here, “versus“ does not mean “against”, but rather “vis-à-vis”. It is precisely about this juxtapositioning two of the foremost violin virtuosos of their time. And it’s about the artistic self-reflection of the artist David Garrett, who (not only as an actor in the film) is reflected in his role-model Niccolò Paganini.
The central part of the CD, featuring super-stars as Nicole Scherzinger, Andrea Bocelli and Steve Morse are six works that Paganini composed. It also tells the story of the violin before and after Paganini.

The bonus-album (Deluxe-Version) is the soundtrack of “The Devil’s Violinist”.

David personally introduces works from his new album:
Io Ti Penso Amore featuring Nicole Scherzinger.
David performs the Devil’s Trill Sonata by Giuseppe Tartini.
An arrangement of the Paganini Caprice Nr. 24.

The tracklist:

Disc: 1
1. Erlkönig
2. Ma Dove Sei
3. Caprice 24
4. Io Ti Penso Amore
5. Devil’s Trill Sonata
6. Sonata 12: Opus 3
7. Swan Lake Theme
8. La Campanella
9. Rachmaninoff Concerto No. 2
10. Caprice #5
11. A La Turca
12. Scarlatti Sonata f minor k466
13. Gypsy Dance
14. Carnival Of Venice
15. Capriccio Tarantella

Disc: 2 (Bonus-CD with the soundtrack of the movie “The Devil’s Violinist”)
1. Movie Start Caprice 5
2. John Watson’s Plan
3. Urbani Disturbs
4. Rachmaninoff: Paganini Variations
5. Langham Waits
6. The Crowd Is Amazed
7. Who Is The Real You
8. Io Ti Penso Amore ‐ London Concert
9. Urbani Takes Care Of Things
10. Caprice No. 4
11. The Betrayal & The Beat Up
12. Return To Italy

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