Stories and images on the road in Europe, November 2013

3rd December 2013

November 2013 has been an intense month of travelling, discovering and meeting new friends around Europe! Here are some pictures depicting the vibes in Madrid, Barcelona, Belgium, Paris and more…..

martin ready for action

After some great times supporting the very talented NOISETTES on the road in Belgium and Holland the previous month, it was time to leap forward and try some acoustic shows myself where people had shown plenty of love. The noisettes were a great bunch, very down to earth, they sure know how to party too!

So it started off in Madrid where an impromptu gig happened at the cosy “Perro de la parte de atras del coche” (translating to “the dog in the back of the car”) which as far as venue names go, its pretty out there! Upright bass from Sergio fernandez and percussion from my cousin Jaime Zelada, put a shine to it all!

Then it was off to Barcelona where the Argentinian people at “LA MILAGROSSA” put a real special night on for 60 people up close and personal! What a night!

From then on it was Belgium, starting at the also cosy venue of “Dedingen” in the small town of Kortrijk. Lovely vibes with the locals who didn’t know what to expect from a spanish hairy man, you couldnt hear a pin drop, as we warmed up to some moult wine!

So then i was told there was a piano at the back of the room, where we could continue in impromptu fashion, taking the people to the back room, and this happened…

The day after it was over to the historic town of Antwerp, where the lovely ladies from the student bar set up an awesome night for me, very thankful ladies!

After Antwerp, came Gent….

where the local beer was tasted….

Then a great show at “Track” (Music Academy) back in Kortrijk, where the crowd was loud but appreciative enough….(all things considered…)

and thanks to the help of Eva Supply driving me around, we drove down to Paris for a great send off, playing with another cousin Stephane Le Gouvello, on percussion, what a dude!

The Miz Miz Cafe was packed, loads of friends from all over the place, a memorable night, full of blagging, lame attempt at speaking French, and plenty of smiles…..merci Paris!

At the end of it all, the feeling was euphoric, content with the work done, and happy to have met some happy people on the way….

Merci beaucoup!

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