100 Years Of Strauss

Andre Rieu

100 Years Of Strauss

Released 18th April 2011

100 years of Strauss displays Rieu at his best, with a larger than usual orchestra (50 piece) captured in lush, resonant sound. The program is imaginative, nearly all of it by Johann Strauss Jr. with one item, 'On Holiday,' by Josef and the whirling Spain-inspired 'Cachucha Galopp' by Johann Sr. Other items of interest include the "Nun's Chorus" from 'Casanova' and two songs from 'The Gypsy Baron,' all heard in Rieu's arrangements. Then there are the items one simply cannot live without, such as 'Tales from the Vienna Woods' with its delightful zither solo, 'Vienna Blood,' and, of course, 'The Blue Danube.' No number of hearings can keep one from wanting to hear these memorable tunes again and again, especially when played with such devotion and infectiously high spirits. "I have such great admiration for this composer that I simply had to honour him with this album!" - André Rieu


  1. Vienna Blood
  2. Perpetuum Mobile
  3. The Lilac Is Blooming
  4. Off On Holiday
  5. Fata Morgana
  6. The Gypsy Baron (Her Die Hand / Oh Habet Acht!)
  7. Tales From The Vienna Woods
  8. Without A Care
  9. Casanova (Choir Of The Nuns)
  10. Cachucha Gallop
  11. The Gypsy Baron (Wer Uns Getraut)
  12. Spanish March
  13. Eljen A Magyar
  14. The Beautiful Blue Danube

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