Love Has Come For You

Steve Martin & Edie Brickell

Love Has Come For You

Released 29th April 2013

Love Has Come for You is the product of a vibrant songwriting partnership that took on a life of its own after actor, comedian, author, playwright, producer & Grammy award winning musician Steve Martin invited Edie Brickell to write lyrics for a banjo tune he'd recently come up with.

Although the new musical partners have already built widely-loved individual bodies of work, their inaugural duo effort is a substantial departure, as a well as a creative milestone, for both artists. Love Has Come for You offers 13 eloquently rootsy Martin/Brickell compositions that combine the former's inventive, expressive five-string banjo work with the latter's heart-tugging vocals and vivid, detail-rich lyrics.

"This is the kind of music that I've always wanted to make, but I never knew how until now," Brickell states, adding, "I just fell in love with all of these songs, because they all represent something that's true."

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