Rock Symphonies

David Garrett

Released 28th March 2011

Rock Symphonies is the second studio album from international superstar violinist David Garrett. The album combines Garrett’s unique background in both the classical and rock genres--until now Garrett has enjoyed separate, dual careers performing with a rock band and classical orchestra but here, for the first time, he morphs the two together. Mixing new interpretations of his favourite rock anthems with classical favourites by Vivaldi and Beethoven, Garrett is backed by his band and The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Includes the CD album along with a bonus DVD featuring 12 tracks from his Wulheide concert, including "Kashmir", "Smooth Criminal" and "Walk This Way".


  1. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  2. November Rain
  3. The 5th
  4. Walk This Way
  5. Live And Let Die
  6. Vivaldi vs. Vertigo
  7. Master Of Puppets
  8. 80's Anthem
  9. Toccata
  10. Asturias
  11. Kashmir
  12. Rock Symphony
  13. Peer Gynt
  14. Mission Impossible
  15. Rocking All Over The World
  16. Kashmir
  17. Serenade
  18. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  19. Mission Impossible
  20. Walk This Way
  21. Smooth Criminal
  22. I'll Stand By You
  23. Peer Gynt
  24. Asturias
  25. Child's Anthem
  26. Zorba's Dance
  27. Hey Jude

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