The Katmen Cometh

Kat Men

The Katmen Cometh

Released 8th April 2013

An explosive spark ignited back in 2007 when Stray Cats' Slim Jim Phantom and Rockabilly axe man Darrel Higham first lit up together outside the Oneida Casino in Wisconsin.

Their fiendish plan began with a European tour, followed by their first record. Simply entitled "KATMEN", this smokin' 12 track Rockabilly powerhouse laid the foundation for a sound that shook up audiences from Memphis to Gothenburg.

KATMEN took a short time out, while Darrel hit the road to support his up and coming queen of Rockabilly wife Imelda May with much heavy touring over 6 years, culminating in sold out shows at the Royal Albert Hall and o2 Dublin with Bono joining them on stage by the close of 2011...

...However by 2012, the lure of the KATMEN could no longer be contained. Jim and Darrel reunited to record the second coming of the KATMEN:

"THE KATMEN COMETH..." 14 tracks running the full gamut of Roots music; Rockabilly boppers, strollers, Hep Cat rhythms, Country shufflers, Blues ballads and laid-back groovers make this the essential 'Beat for the Feet' release of 2013!

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